Peer Action Disability Support

PADS is a unique group based in Linn County, Iowa, devoted to improving the lives of people with disabilities.

Welcome to PADS


What Guides Us


PADS envisions a world where people with disabilities are empowered to live the lives they choose.


What Drives Us


PADS is dedicated to the empowerment of people with disabilities by people with disabilities through peer support, community education, advocacy and action.


Why We Care


PADS is committed to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities throughout Linn County.

Urgent Update

Due to COVID-19, member and peer support meetings are not being held in-person at this time.

Virtual Meetings, via Google Meets, are being held the 1st Monday of each month from 5-6PM. For more information about these meetings please contact us at 319-431-7843.

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Our Three Tenets

Working for a cause
Working for a Cause

Peer Support occurs when people who share common experiences or face similar challenges, come together as equals or “peers” to give and receive help.

Community Education
Solve Community Problems

Community Education provides opportunities for citizens to address challenges and solve community problems through learning and collaboration.

PADS Meeting
Influence Policy Making

Advocacy involves the “act” of speaking on behalf of one’s self and / or other people to influence a particular cause, social service or policy.

Why Is PADS So Important?

PADS shares information on services and supports for people facing physical, mental or psychological barriers.

PADS brings together diverse groups of people who are at risk of being excluded from society and provides opportunities to identify and communicate shared values and priorities to influence positive systems change.

PADS, which is led by peers, seeks to elevate leadership within its membership to impact and improve the lives of local citizens.

PADS advocates change within local business and government to eliminate barriers experienced by persons with disabilities.

Meeting with Liz Mathis
PADS members

Our Dedicated Team

Meet Our Board

Peer Action Disability Support (PADS) is currently governed by a 9-member VOLUNTARY Board of Directors, more than 50% of which is comprised of persons with disabilities. 

PADS has no paid staff, only dedicated volunteers who care about persons with disabilities.

The existing Board of Directors and its officers include:

Ingrid Wensel


Mark Cross

Vice President

Ann Hearn


Tom Hardecopf


Catherine Hafsi

Past President

Robert Bacon

Board Member

Lisa Gavin

Board Member

Marilyn Hayes

Board Member

Patrick Williams

Board Member

Garret Frey

Board Member

What Members Say About PADS