USA Toolkit 0.00 - Cover Page

USA Toolkit 0.00 - Cover Page

[Graphic: the words United by the ADA surrounded with a symbol of accessibility, above the words and clockwise around the words, symbols of hands signing, a person using a white cane, a telephone, and Braille] [Graphic: PADS Peer Action Disability Support below a person using a wheelchair and moving ahead fast]THE TOOLKIT


United Self-Advocates of Iowa - Spring, 2014

Follow-up to THE SUMMIT held in Cedar Rapids in mid-June 2013

PADS (Peer Action Disability Support) is dedicated to the empowerment of people with disabilities by people with disabilities, through PEER SUPPORT, COMMUNITY EDUCATION, ADVOCACY, and ACTION

For more information, find our contact info on Page #1.2, or write to us at:
PO Box 883
Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-0883

Check out our website at: